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Special Tasks – Individual solutions

Work on pilchings and bank revelments. Dredging shoals and accretions. Installation of emergency sluices. Removing driftwood and wind breakage. Eliminating floating refuse from rivers, canals and lakes. Installing and repairing locks, weirs and docks. This are only some of tasks working vessels are used for.

Working vessels are technically highly complex. The more specific the field of use, the more important it is to ensure perfect interaction of all components. Construction, propulsion, energy supply, control systems, anchor systems, deck concepts. Everything must be a functional and harmonious whole.

Faaborg-System-Ships specializes in multipurpose work vessels and is committed to providing the highest possible quality. Every customer receives a ship that is precisely adapted to meet his individual requirements. Whether self-propelling units or barges with accompanying tugboat whether with or without accom-modations, whether grab dredgers or crane vessels – all of our vessels guarantee users basic, common strengths.

The following pages show the broad range of the construction possibilities. However, SYSTEM FAABORG SHIPS goes beyond what is shown here to develop custom-tailored system solutions. Because there is a unique solution for every individual job!

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